What We Do

Since 2011 when the Sevenoaks Town Partnership was created we have continued to grow our annual events and meetings. We have Town Partnership meetings every 6 weeks and our Events Committee meets every three months. These meetings give businesses, local residents and anybody else who wishes to join us a chance to discuss current issues effecting Sevenoaks Town and gain information about current events taking place.

The aim of Sevenoaks Town Partnership is:
Increasing visitors to Sevenoaks Town
Branding Sevenoaks
Providing a calendar of events
Investigating and investing in different forms of digital marketing
Marketing the Town as a clean and safe place to live and visit
Produce initiatives to address the empty shop issue
Improve engagements between public and private and community sector partners in order to use this combined expertise to improve the town
Encourage inward investment in the town and make Sevenoaks attractive for businesses looking to start up
Improving the accessibility and environment of Sevenoaks Town